Remarkably Photogenic Spots: Gozo

As per the Maltese counterpart, the sister island of Gozo offers some exceptional photographic opportunities. One of the best things about Gozo is that due to its relatively diminutive size, most of these spots can be visited in one day (maybe two days if travelling by public transport). Take a look at the locations which provide the best photographic results.

Azure Window, Dwejra


The Azure Window (or it-Tieqa as it is known in Maltese), is Gozo’s unofficial landmark. Everyone has seen it, whether on photos, promotional material or international adverts. The Window is Gozo’s hotspot, drawing crowds all year round. Head over to Dwejra in Winter to capture a seldom seen photo of the Azure Window battling rough seas.


Inland Sea, Dwejra


We’re staying in the same area but with a totally different photographic subject – the Inland Sea in Dwejra is a geographical phenomenon, one that was most probably formed by a geological fault which then collapsed, creating this magical (and incredibly photogenic!) location. You can also opt for a boat ride through the opening in the rocks to capture some truly breathtaking snaps.


Ġgantija Temples, XagĦra


The prehistoric temples of Ġgantija are some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, pre-dating the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge in the UK. These stately temples are a protected heritage site, where it is permitted to see but not touch, making them the perfect photographic motif. Amp up your Instagram photos by increasing the Structure tool levels to portray the intricate details in the limestone, then sit back and wait for the likes to pour in!


Ċittadella, Victoria


The walled citadel found at Gozo’s capital Victoria is another architectural wonder full of photographic potential. From its Mdina-like winding streets, to the magnificent views of the island’s many hills beneath you, there are countless opportunities in which to capture the perfect picture.


Qbajjar Bay, Marsalforn

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A photographer’s dream, this insanely photogenic bay is home to Marsalforn’s historic 350-year old salt pans. This chequerboard feature was more than just a pretty detail, the saltpans provided a steady work-flow to many Gozitans who produced salt as their daily living. Nowadays, the saltpans act as a luminous mirror, bringing a bit of sky to the ground. Qbajjar is also known for it’s eye-catching bay, where white limestone rocks add an interesting backdrop to the crystal clear waters.

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MĠarr ix-Xini


If you are wondering whether you’ve seen this location somewhere, chances are you have. Mġarr ix-Xini was the main shooting location of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s movie ‘By the Sea’ released in 2015. This charming little bay boasts brilliant aquamarine waters, shining splendidly within a steep-sided natural valley. Instagrammers rejoice – this bay is one of the least-snapped bays in Gozo, so you can rest assured that your photos will stand out!




Hands-down the best sunset spot on the island! Xlendi is a seaside resort town with restaurants and bars dotting it’s shore – yet take a walk further along the coast for amazing snapshots away from the crowds. Make sure to experience at least one sunset in this idyllic coastal town, to see the smoldering sun merging into the horizon in between the craggy valley sides.


Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, GĦarb


Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary is a national shrine, located on the edge of a cliff in the open countryside, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the astounding views of the surrounding area. The Basilica itself is a wonder to behold, with a myriad of ‘ex-voto’, offerings made to Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu upon received blessings. The icon of il-Madonna Ta’ Pinu is a popular image in Malta and Gozo, appearing in various shrines around the island.


Ir-Ramla l-Ħamra

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With a name that translates to ‘The Red Beach’, ir-Ramla is a must when visiting (and photographing) Gozo. With sand as red as the setting sun, and clear blue waters contrasting the vivid colour of the sand, this beach is as captivating as it is renowned. A trip to the Ramla in the summer months will prove its popularity, however head over there in the quieter Winter months to be able to capture its beauty at its rawest.

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DaĦlet Qorrot

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This lesser-known bay is a quaint little place, ideal for multiple photo-ops. From it’s alluring turquoise sea to the colourful garage doors dotting the coastline, this enchanting beach offers a multitude of backdrops or subjects for your photos. It is not as yet known as other beaches in Gozo, still, as everywhere else, it is much quieter in the Winter season. So grab your cameras/camera-phones, and snap away!

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