5 of the most Stunning Sea-view Properties in Malta

Malta is abounding with spectacular views which take your breath away. So while staying on this gorgeous island, why not reside in a sea-view property? Waking up to a dazzling sea-view every day of your holiday will put you in an instant good mood, giving you a stunning backdrop for your morning coffees or evening …

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Our 5 Best Vacation Rental Properties in Valletta

Valletta is Malta's capital city, a miniscule capital measuring only 0.8 km2 (0.3 sq mi). This city was built by the Grandmaster Jean Parisot de la Vallette, the Knight who gave the city its name, and it was built as a fortification in case of further attack by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th Century. The city was built …

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Botanical Beauties – Malta’s Finest Public Gardens

Hidden amongst the plethora of architecture, one can find secluded oases in the form of public gardens, providing much needed calmness (and shade in the summer time!) amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Lap of Luxury – Malta’s Most Opulent Palaces

The Knights of St John left the most impressive mark on our islands, leaving her adorned with lavish Baroque embellishments, an array of impressive architecture which is still standing to this day. Here we run through some of the most opulent and richly decorated palaces, most of which can still be visited to this day.

Soothe your Soul – Scenic Walks around Malta

The busy lifestyles we lead today are characterised by computers, smart phones, tablets, and countless other technological features. While these make life easier in many ways, we often find that this constant stream of information and connectivity can drain our minds, proliferating stressful thoughts and causing a strain on our mental prowess. It is imperative that we find some time to reconnect with our surroundings, grounding ourselves through Mother Nature, allowing our minds and souls to rest through the beauty of the universe present around us.