Soothe your Soul – Scenic Walks around Malta

The busy lifestyles we lead today are characterised by computers, smart phones, tablets, and countless other technological features. While these make life easier in many ways, we often find that this constant stream of information and connectivity can drain our minds, proliferating stressful thoughts and causing a strain on our mental prowess. It is imperative that we find some time to reconnect with our surroundings, grounding ourselves through Mother Nature, allowing our minds and souls to rest through the beauty of the universe present around us.


Remarkably Photogenic Spots: Gozo

As per the Maltese counterpart, the sister island of Gozo offers some exceptional photographic opportunities. One of the best things about Gozo is that due to its relatively diminutive size, most of these spots can be visited in one day (maybe two days if travelling by public transport). Take a look at the locations which provide the best photographic results.